Public swimming on the Continent

  budgie smugglers For many months now, Alison at the spoton well being centre has been recommending we go and visit the beautiful Balnea spa, at the foot of the Peyragude mountains. Alison suggested it was fantastic for families and that we'd all find it really relaxing. Dutifully we set off, our little party, on the 40 minute journey through stunning countryside to the fantastically positioned spa. Its set beside an icy clear lake in the shadows of the imposing mountains. We jumped out of the car with our collection of swimming gear and headed loudly towards reception, hushing instantly as the calmness and relaxing atmosphere started to filter towards us. Day passes are easy to purchase but we weren't prepared for the next question - did we have appropriate swimwear?! Apparently the British male's obsession,┬ádespite Daniel Craig's best efforts, with baggy shorts to at least the knee, , wasn't going to cut it here. A collective male gulp was clearly heard as the receptionist handed around the required budgie smugglers to everyone from boys to men. Giggling, we hurried to the changing rooms, the ladies keen to see the outcome but we were beaten by the boys who had whipped into the safety of the water before we'd had a chance to survey them. We spent the next couple of hours swimming in the pool, relaxing in the jets and taking turns to swim with the children while the adults used the steam rooms and outside thermal pools (with amazing views). Relaxed and pleased with ourselves we headed home to a BBQ in the garden,making sure to remember our appropriate swimwear for next time.